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The MQ Mount is designed to securely hold T-12 LED fixtures
with minimal or no light loss. The mount terminates to an
industry standard 3/8” pin which can be used with any industry
grip head. The 3/8” pin is knurled to prevent unwanted rotation
and is internally tapped 1/4”-20 to expand its length and rigging
capabilities. – Patent Pending


  • Jaws designed for T-12 LED light tubes.
  • Knurled 3/8” pin compatible with all grip heads,
    including 2.5”, 4.5”, mini and microgrip heads.
  • Internal 1/4”-20 tapped pin for expanded rigging
    and expanded length.
  • Manufactured from lightweight, high-impact plastic
    and aluminum parts.

Introducing the Steadicam M-1 Volt

June 15th, 2017

Introducing the Steadicam M-1 Volt electronic inertia stabilizer.
Light weight (only 2lbs), holds sled in neutral balance at any tilt angle, zero weight added above or below the gimbal

New from Power Gems! One Ballast to Power them All!

ARRI, Dedo, Kobold and K56 HMI fixtures

Are you looking for a high speed ballast that will power your 200W, 400W and 575W ARRI, Kobold, Dedo and K5600 fixtures – all from one power supply? All with high speed option at 1,000Hz?


Key features:

Three output connectors

  • Arri 200W, 400W, 575W
  • K5600 200W, 400W
  • Dedo 200W, 400W
  • Kobold 200W, 400W


  • Universal input voltage
  • 4 output frequencies (including 1,000Hz)
  • DMX control as standard
  • Lightweight and compact.

Power Gems showcase latest ballast at February Freeze

February 24, 2017

[L-R] Patrick McGuane of Power Gems; Denis Paquette of Cinepool; Thierry Garepian of K5600; and Douglas Macaulay of Kingsway Sales.

[L-R] Thierry Garepian of K5600 Lighting; Patrick McGuane of Power Gems; Michal Trudel of Mel’s Cité du Cinéma Studios; Kyle Alexander of Wolfram Lamps; and Douglas Macaulay of Kingsway Sales.

Earlier this month Patrick packed a warm pair of socks and took Power Gems ballasts to Canada for the 16th annual February Freeze, hosted by William F White. The weather was a little kinder to us than in previous years, as Power Gems returned to take part in a significantly expanded technology showcase.

Over 1,000 production professionals came along to the William F White Centre on 7 February to test the new production tools available from over 40 of the world’s top vendors, including Power Gems.

After that show in Toronto, Patrick and the gang visited Montreal to call on several of Power Gems customers including Mel’s Cite du Cinema and Cinepool (pictures to the left).


Read More of this article on the Power Gems website

Steadicam Steadimate


The Steadicam Steadimate is a brilliant device that allows operators to attach a Steadicam arm and vest to motorized gimbal stabilizers including the DJI Ronin® and Freefly MōVI®. Simply swap out one of the handles of your motorized gimbal and replace it with the Steadimate. From there, the Steadimate serves as the handle of your motorized gimbal, but now advantageously equipped with an arm post for attaching a stabilizing arm.


The Steadimate gimbal mount comes standard with a post block and balance pin that fit arms with 1⁄2” posts. Operators can purchase accessories that adapt the Steadimate to fit arms with 5/8” and 3⁄4” posts.

The weight capacity for the Steadimate depends on the weight capacity of the motorized gimbal, arm, & vest being used. For operators who already own an arm & vest, the Steadimate can be purchased on its own. For operators in need of a complete kit, Tiffen offers Steadimate Systems in two weight classes:

Steadimate 15 System with the A-15 Arm & Vest [15 lb / 6.8 kg capacity]

Steadimate 30 System with the A-30 Arm & Vest [30 lb / 13.6 kg capacity]

Steadicam Aero


  • The base of the lightweight AERO sled detaches from the post for compact storage and easy transportation.
  • Tool-free sled for easy adjustments and field maintenance.
  • Quick-release camera plate locking system.
  • Multiple battery mount options
  • Available with 7″ 1000 nit monitor
  • 3G HD Compatible
  • Telescoping, 2-section, high modulus carbon fiber post.


The Dutti Dolly

unnamed copy

The Dutti Dolly is a rectangular CNC’d aluminum plate with a built in Mitchell mount, measuring just 20” x 24”, which rolls extremely low to the ground at just under 2” in height. The dolly is simple, as it rides on 8 inline skate wheels, which mount in pairs to the ½” thick aluminum plate. An industry verified, multi-functional, portable camera dolly that rides lower and smoother than any other.

PN 395400

The Cam Tank

unnamed copy

Matthews CAM Tank is designed to accept all large format camera plates or direct mount to any large or medium format camera equipped with 3/8″-16 mounting holes. The CAM Tank was designed for extremely low shots, without taking away your ability to pan and tilt the camera. It is also used to achieve dutch angles when mounted to a fluid head, or shots designed to be pointed straight down off of a fluid head on a tripod or jib. The bottom of the plate has 17 strategically placed 3/8″-16 tapped holes spaced 1″ apart, complying with Motion Picture Industry Standards.


Power Gems 9000W Ballast

A power factor-corrected 9000W ballast with built-in 1000Hz mode for high-speed filming applications. The ballast has a unique self-tuning autoscan feature to automatically optimize the lamp stability when running in the high-speed mode. The product is based on the Power Gems modular power circuit design which allows easy and rapid service and maintenance through the use of pluggable power modules. The ballast also measures power loss in the head feeder cable to allow compensation of cable power losses and maintain maximum light output.

Product Features:

  • Pluggable Power Modules
  • High Speed option as standard
  • DMX control
  • Volt Drop Compensation
  • 9K / 6K / 4K / 2.5K